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Xorvantaal rocks.
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05:04pm 28/09/2011
meat_breakfast posting in D20 RPing; Steampunk, Final Fantasy and whatever.
Well the DnD game is going rather well, I thank my super-DM-journal/notebook with graph, dot and line paper included in one awesome shiney package and my coloured gel pens. And I've actually figured out a way to counter everyone's insane addiction to power-gaming... Lots of dragons, not just chromatic and metallic, but extra planer too!
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Morporkia, Central Temple District. Island Republic of Ankh 1942
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09:46am 26/09/2011
meat_breakfast posting in D20 RPing; Steampunk, Final Fantasy and whatever.
The day begins...
Below the Snoga Redknuckle Building, which houses the temples of Vecna, Wee-Jas and two sects of Buddhism which are known for starting wars with each other that are as short as the are bloody. In a forgotten crawlspace incense burns and emits an odor of fresh moss and decaying leaves while a short, dark cloaked figure dances to a very strange beat he produces with a ball filled with dried beans.
The room illuminates in a dull purple glow eminating from various fungi infesting the room and becomes more intense as the hooded figure's dancing quickens. A large green mushroom with black spots that don't glow grows in the center of the small crawlspace.
The strange rattling beat has quickened tenfold and the dancing has become more outlandish. The chanting begins "Oya Oya, Zggt'muy! Yettadru Zggt'muy!" It continues on for what feels like forever to the stange dancer until the black spots on the mushroom become so black they, themselves begin to glow.
The dancing, rattling and chanting suddenly cease and the odd cloaked figure stops dead in his tracks and begins to stare at the mushroom, within the unglowing space he sees the present; A hulking, long auburn haired shirtless human male and a smaller, green and pink haired human male wearing dark tinted glasses sit at a bar...
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01:45pm 11/06/2011
doomsandwichx posting in D20 RPing; Steampunk, Final Fantasy and whatever.
Eh, convincing IRL friends to get off their asses and make an LJ account his proven to be a large sack of useless.
Still want to use this space for something role playing related though.
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FF Update
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04:42pm 26/02/2010
doomsandwichx posting in D20 RPing; Steampunk, Final Fantasy and whatever.
So I have a potentially full party or friends who are too lazy to make an LJ account, I'm going to spend the majority of my computer time working on the campaign and junk and if you fuckers haven't posted in the thread below by 12:00 AM Monday morning I'm emailing you your fancy new LJ account/password which can be changed at your leisure.
I'm willing to have a troupe of Light Warriors which consists of more then four players so feel free to attack the moogle, folks.
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Forgotten Fantasy, the sign up thread
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02:35pm 24/02/2010
doomsandwichx posting in D20 RPing; Steampunk, Final Fantasy and whatever.
Working on a campaign right now, here's a brief summary of it

GMs: doomsandwichx and Andy whenever the fuck he makes an account will be guest GMing for me and playing the roll of the cleric who heals you at the temple.)\
-Starting level 5
-Point buy stats
-Steampunk based tech with high magic, using the d20 modern books with the various 3.0/3.5 add on books. It's going to be a mish mash but I'll cite sources or tell you honestly when I'm pulling a rule out my ass.
-Generic class system (unearthed arcana) with prestige classes optional starting at level 10(I'm making my own, but if you want to use one from a book you may submit the idea to me for approval) Because of the insane customization in Generic classes please have at least the first ten levels of your character fleshed out.
   -Elf(wood, high)
   -Dark Elf(stat wise they're just drow, but are a pale grey/blue in skin tone with hair ranging from grey to white to pitch black)
   -Dwarf(RALLY HO)
     -2 STR, +2 CON.
     -regular speed of 20, fly speed of 15(clumsy)
     -class skills; Animal Empathy, Escape Artist +2, Hide +2, Perform
     -Natural attacks; Bite 1d4, claws 1d2 each
     -can use their...moogle ball or whatever it is for a ranged touch attack
     -Moogles most often speak Moogle and Common

Currently filled in ranks of the Light Warriors

The world is veiled in darkness...Collapse )
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Zoog is very angry on the inside and we pay him with booze!
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10:49am 23/02/2010
doomsandwichx posting in D20 RPing; Steampunk, Final Fantasy and whatever.
So this is my community I started for RPing stuff, partly because I'm a bit of a hermit lately and it's cutting into my dungeons and dragons time and partly because it's giving me and excuse to write. I'm inviting my friends and such and if you're some random jackoff using the search function feel free to try out for membership...
Once I get enough people around I plan on starting something steam-punk/Final Fantasy based up.

At the moment there isn't anything going on aside from the Moogle over there... Man that's a mean looking Moogle.
Currently guarding the Magical Chest of Membership is... Zoog! The moogle with a chainsaw, make the best level 2 equivalent or monster class character you can, submit it in this thread and try not to die. It's that simple.
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